Sephora Collection Glass Nail File

My fingernails grow fast and I like to have them short. Since the day I have filed my nails, I have only used a metal file even though I found it harsh on my nails (I didn’t have any other option for filing). Three years ago, I came across an article on glass files and got to know how gentle they are in comparison to metal files. From that day, my hunt for a glass file began. I found this beautifully hued glass file on the shelves of Sephora. Continue reading “Sephora Collection Glass Nail File”

Innisfree Cedar Wood Body Cleanser & Lotion

My Marks & Spencer’s Magnolia body wash was almost over and I needed a new one.  This time I was looking for something with a gel consistency, mild and fragrantly different. I don’t like fragrances that are too sweet. I headed to the Innisfree store after finding nothing at the M&S and The Body Shop. While I was sniffing through various bottles at Innisfree with a hope that something would click, the fragrance of Innisfree Cedar Wood body cleanser transported me to the world of cedar forest reminding me of Manali where the scent of magnificent cedar trees brings peace and tranquillity and takes over one’s fatigue. I was so happy to have found a fragrance that would calm my sense in this scorching heat that I ended up buying the Innisfree Cedar Wood body lotion as well. Continue reading “Innisfree Cedar Wood Body Cleanser & Lotion”