Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Romantic 30

Since I stumbled upon liquid matte lipsticks, I have stopped buying the bullet ones (but I really wanna to try the powder kiss lipsticks from mac just for the sake of their texture). This is the only neon ink colour that I own. I stay away from neon lippies but pregnancy hormones make you try different things apart from weird taste buds that goes from extreme spicy to bland to excessive sweet.
maybelline super stay matte ink 2

maybelline super stay matte ink 3

Anyway, as I am already in love with my collection of Inglot liquid matte lipsticks and did not want to super splurge i bought this Maybelline Super Stay in shade Romantic from Lifestyle Stores. The actual colour of the lipstick is different from its body which has a very pretty berry shade whereas the lipstick is more purplish and has blue undertones. Once you apply it, it will not move from its place no matter what you eat! Heavy meals, oily snacks it survives all. The fragrance of the lipstick is that of a yummy vanilla fruit cake. The consistency is mousse like and it works really well as a blush as well. One more thing, you dont need to wear a lip liner beneath and the wand applicator picks just the perfect quantity to be applied.

maybelline super stay matte ink 4

I think i was 24 weeks pregnant here!

The only thing i do not like about it is that it is really hard to remove. Makeup remover, oil, vaseline, lip mask i have tried all but the stain just doesnt go! It ultimately goes the next morning after brushing.

Have you ever tried Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink?  What do you think of it?

 Share your comments below!

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