One of the hottest trend this year has been ‘metallic’ and amazingly it can be worn during day as well as night. It can be a bit scary to wear a metallic clothing if you have never worn one before but, there is always a first time for everything, isn’t it?

blue metallic dress zara 3

blue metallic dress zara 4

This wrap over metallic dress from Zara is in size xs and it fits my petite frame so well. I love love love everything about this dress, it gives straight from the future kinda vibes. It is extremely light weight, looks glam though the fabric isn’t luxe. The dress is metallic without making me glitter like a disco ball. The front knot if tied nicely in a perfect bow works as an add on accessory and the puffy sleeves look so edgy.

blue metallic dress zara 2

blue metallic dress zara 7

blue metallic dress zara 9

This is the dress i would love to wear to Captain Vyom’s glam party in his spaceship  and in the above pic it looks like I am a modern~susheel girl (my mother thinks I am nowhere near the latter) who is having a bad hair day along with sleep deprivation and still smiling coz she is nice and will not tell you about her motherhood struggles coz it is alright to suffer (just like typical Ekta Kapoor’s good girl/bahu).

Do pay attention to my tinsel clutch bag adding charm to my outfit. White vinyl mules, heart-shaped earrings and the clutch are from Zara.

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