When our baby turned 4 months young in July, it got difficult for me to carry him for walks in baby carrier coz of the hot weather and we thought of getting a stroller for him.

As we started looking for the strollers available online and in stores in India, we realized that there are not many brands to choose from on the basis of following:

1. safety
2. quality
3. sturdiness
4. swivel wheels
5. ease of use like one-hand operation parent tray, child tray,
6. number of reclining positions
7. could carry baby even when he is a toddler
8. reversible handle

In India, as car seat for baby is not a must, hence we left that parameter completely out as we would be buying a separate seat.

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller 3

After a lot of research we zeroed in for two brands, i.e., Chicco and Graco. Among Indian brands I did like few options from R for Rabbit, but they didn’t have few of the features mentioned above and moreover I found branding on the storage basket and safety harness over the top.

We really liked Graco Lite Rider LX Lightweight Stroller Hatton which costed 5000 rupees less than Chicco Cortina CX Stroller but decided to go for the latter as it can carry up to 23 kgs of weight. This feature makes the stroller a bit heavy but then it is worth the money as it can be used for a longer period of time. The weight of the stroller is 8.9 kg. We ordered the Chicco from Amazon.

The Chicco Cortina CX Stroller has great front wheel suspensions making the ride very smooth . It has a comfortable backrest with 8 reclining positions and the memory recline is an awesome feature as I dont have to adjust the seat position all over again after unfolding.

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller 5

The seat has 5-point safety harness.The basket beneath the seat is spacious and easily accessible from the back. The push- handle has 3 height adjustments to accommodate as per theĀ  height and also folds down completely after folding the stroller.

The parent tray has one cup holder and one small storage compartment,whereas, the child snack tray has two cup holders. The child tray can be removed from either side and I still haven’t used it but, plan to use it soon as my bub is able to sit.

The canopy is adjustable as well as removable with a peekaboo window. It is mentioned everywhere that this stroller can be folded with one hand but, I am unable to do so, I can’t fold it without using both theĀ  hands and it takes time to get hang of it. Unfolding it is also cumbersome and I find it difficult to maneuver it with one hand.

If one wants a quality stroller, be it a little expensive, available online or in stores, one can go for this.

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